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Pfaffenbrücke by Howard and Eileen Lawrence with recent additions by David Ollier

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Pfaffenbrucke a narrow guage (HOe) layout inspired by the mountain section of the Ybbstalbahn from Kienberg-Gaming to Lunz an See. A highlight of the prototype and this model are the steel trestle bridges. The model originally constructed by Howard and Eileen Lawrence has passed to David Ollier. Since the C.M. feature was published in 2009, Pfaffenbrücke has been modified for one man operation with duplicate fiddle yard controls installed on the main control panel. Other changes, following the sale of the layout and it's retirement from exhibition, include the addition of lineside signs and clearance markers, and a picnic area cameo adjacent to the timber sidings. Detailing has been added to some buildings, such as house signs, as well as the inevitable maintenance repairs necessary to keep a layout of this age in top condition. Perhaps the most noticeable change, is additions to the owners collection of rolling stock and traction to allow operating sessions to feature authentic Ybbstalbahn train formations, from either the mid 1980s or the modern preserved era, occasionally running to real timetables in condensed time. (Trackplan).

Photographs courtesy of the Continental Modeller, Steve Flint, Howard Lawrence and David Ollier.

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